Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Critters Care 2013 Year in Review...

"Critters Care" and "Chloe's Tales" had quite the busy first year in humane education and canine reading therapy. Although I wasn't always on top of my facebook posts and blog entries, you can see through these photos that Chloe and I had lots of wonderful visits to classrooms, libraries and even a nursing home. I would like to thank all the wonderful people and animals that helped us launch our first year of outreach work--Iris and her pup Abby; Jeff and his canine Henry; my mom and pops and their dog Cleo; Sarah and her Great Dane Diesel; Cindy and her dachshund Berlin; my parrot B.C., rat Norman, rabbit Adobe, pup Serenity and of course my beautiful Chloe. I would also like to give a big thanks to all the teachers and librarians that welcomed our visits--Vilma Betancourt, Julie Campbell, Jennifer Crow, Irene De Flavio, Janet Moore, Tara Shetler, Jolanta Stern, and Kathryn Steury.  And I would  like to thank all the wonderful schools we traveled to--Browning Elementary, Gardens Elementary, Harmony Endeavor Elementary and Lanier Middle School. With 2014 now upon us we look forward to another fun and fulfilling year ahead. And for those that happen to know any schools that would be open to a visit from us, please share as we are always up for new adventures. Plus I am always looking for helpful hands for our various visits as well as more ambassador animals to share with avid students :-) And lastly I would like to give a special shout-out of love to 2 of our special ambassadors that crossed over Rainbow Bridge in 2013--Norman and Serenity. They will be greatly missed, but always in our hearts.

Chloe's Tales with Cindy and pup Berlin
Kingwood Nursing Home with Cindy and pup Berlin
Teaching kids about the special needs of a parrot
Kingwood Nursing home with Chloe

Ambassador Canine Henry

Easter pics with Chloe

Kids trying to pose as a sleeping parrot (one leg with head back)
Bunny presentation with Chloe being the representative rabbit

Sarah with her Great Dane Diesel

Ambassador Rat Norman checking out the view

Ambassador Rat Norman

Ambassador Bunny Adobe

Norman getting some love
Ambassador Canine Abby

Presentation on "If You Were A Parrot"
Ambassador Amazon B.C.

Student loving on Chloe

Easter pics with Chloe

Teaching on canine body language while Chloe exhibits "relaxed"
Teaching about critters found in our backyards
Power Point presentation

Students filling out their activity page while Adobe makes the rounds
My pops & Jeff with their canines Cleo and Henry

Christmas pics with Chloe Claus

Chloe Claus with human santa and reindeer

Teacher Kathryn Steury loving on Chloe Claus

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