Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chloe's Tales at Gardens Elementary, Pasadena

Canine Reading Ambassador Chloe with her literary partner
 Chloe's Tales had a wonderful library event at Gardens Elementary in Pasadena Wednesday, February 6.  About 20 students participated for one-on-one reading sessions ranging from 1st to 4th grade with 2 teams--Chloe & I, along with Canine Reading Ambassador Henry and his owner Jeff.  Each student had an opportunity for a meet-and-greet with their designated team, a reading time with a book of their choice, and a puppy sticker to end their session as well as a chance to give their canine ambassador a special treat (yes, just adding more "padding" to the pups, but they paid no mind!).  A good time was had by all, despite having to drive in the rainy weather (neither Henry nor Chloe were too keen on that, but once they saw the students ready for their arrival, the gloomy weather was quickly forgotten)!

Library events for Chloe's Tales can take place as a once-a-month event, quarterly, or otherwise.  If interested, please contact me on my facebook page or email.
Team Jeff and Canine Reading Ambassador Henry with their reading partner

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