Friday, February 15, 2013

Chloe's Tales Library Event, Harmony Endeavor

C*R*A* Serenity with her reading student
On Tuesday, February 12th, I had the great opportunity to work with Harmony Endeavor Elementary with the Chloe's Tales program for a wonderful library event.  Julie Cambell, the school librarian, worked with Canine Reading Ambassador (C*R*A*) Chloe while I worked with C*R*A* Serenity to provide one-on-one reading sessions for a number of students ranging from K through 7th grade.  Some of the participating students had worked with us before and some were new to the program.  Each student were able to choose their book appropriate for their level, then a chance to give their participating C*R*A*  a special treat along with receiving a cute puppy sticker. All had a wonderful literary and canine experience and we look forward to our next upcoming event at their campus.  Thanks, Julie, for not only opening up your school and library for this program, but for being such an engaging volunteer.  Chloe loved all the love and attention she received from you and the students, as the photos well show!
Julie Campell and C*R*A* Chloe with their reading student

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