Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chloe's Tales, Browning & Berry Elementary

Chloe & Leah
Chloe & Julian
Chloe & I launched our new canine reading therapy program on Monday, January 28, at Browning Elementary School in Houston.  We will work as a team with 8 third grade students every Monday for the Spring Semester.  Thanks to the helpful selection by third grade teachers--Ms. Crow, Ms. Doans, and Ms. Steury--Chloe and I will provide a private and comfortable environment for students to read at their own pace free from criticism.  Many of the students involved this semester are the same as those we worked with during the Fall term under a different name, and have already see them grow in their literary self esteem. 

Chloe & Destiny
We also started back at Berry Elementary in Houston on Friday, February 1, working with the same third grade students as we did during the Fall semester.  Our sessions will continue weekly, adding Thursdays this week, and am looking forward to experiencing continual literary growth in the 8 students involved.  It has been truly amazing to see how the simple gentle presence of Chloe takes down so many barriers and brings forth confidence and joy in these treasured students.

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