Friday, March 29, 2013

Critters Care Story Time--"Rabbits, Rabbits & More Rabbits"

On Wednesday, March 6, Chloe (dressed as a bunny) and I enjoyed another wonderful story time
session at Browning Elementary with Ms. Stern's 4th grade class. I shared the book "Rabbits, Rabbits, and More Rabbits!"  Before reading the tale I presented the class with a true/false quiz on various rabbit facts to see what they did and did not already know about these fluffy creatures (such as “Rabbits are cold-blooded and need the sun to stay warm”, “Rabbits are vegetarians”, “Rabbits eyes, like people, cannot see well in the dark”—false, true, false).  I then read the book that introduced the kids to various fun facts about the
Having fun making their own "bunny" ears!
rabbit world, followed with the true/false quiz again.  I believe the kids were  surprised to realize what they thought they knew about bunnies was quite different from what they actually learned from the story!  The students then got a chance to learn about various
rabbit breeds and again could see the surprised expressions to realize the little bunnies they typically see in the pet store or in their own backyard are not the only ones out there.  They learned about the small Chinchilla bunny (4 pounds) the Flemish Giant (up to 20+ pounds), and the very fluffy Angora.  They especially got a kick out of the picture I showed them of a small dog sitting on top of the
Flemish Giant.  The final activity was for students to design posters for a fictional rescue rabbit adoption event, which they took home for more time to generate something really creative. I was very impressed with all they learned and what they came up with in their imaginative posters!

Some of the rabbit breeds the students learned about...

American Chinchilla

Flemish Giant

Some of the delightful posters created by the students...

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