Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Critters Care Story Time--"If You Were a Parrot"

On Thursday, March 28, B.C. and I, along with Canine Ambassador Chloe, had a great time
sharing the story “If You Were a Parrot” to a group of 1st & 2nd graders at Harmony Endeavor.  Since this was the first time for many of these young students to meet a parrot up close, the room was filled with excitement.  Throughout the story time session I would intersperse fun tidbits about B.C.’s unique personality and quirks, such as:  “He’s afraid of the color orange”; “He’s jealous of my husband, Chris”; “He loves to take a shower with me where he stands on a rod and sometimes chews on a toothbrush”.  After relating this whimsical tale, I asked the kids various questions to see what they retained, and was pleasantly surprised at how enthusiastically they answered all my queries correctly.  I especially had to chuckle when I asked “What color is B.C. afraid of”, and
kids checking out B.C. in his safe enclosure
they all called out “orange!” and then one child asked “Is he afraid of your hair?”   I guess it’s a good thing he sees my locks as more red than orange!  Many of the students wanted to hold B.C. themselves, but I had to explain to them he isn’t quite as friendly as my canine companion, so instead they had the opportunity upon leaving to pet and have their picture with chill-pup Chloe, who was dressed in her Easter outfit in celebration of the upcoming holiday!

kids having fun trying to stand on one leg and sleep like a parrot!

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