Friday, May 10, 2013

Critters Care Story Time--"If You Were a Parrot"

Telling the tale!
showing off B.C.
On Tuesday, May 7th, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a small group of Garden's Elementary autistic students for a story time presentation regarding the whimsical tale "If You Were a Parrot".  This fun book takes listeners on a journey of what their life would be like if they were one of these colorful birds.  For example, with feet that have 2 toes in front and 3 facing backward they would be able to climb curtains, bookshelves, and plants.  And with a hooked beak they would be able to chew through furniture legs and eat a popsicle--stick and all! Of course I brought canine Chloe and feathered one B.C. along as my Animal Ambassadors, which really excited the kids as I'm sure none of them had experienced an up close meeting with a parrot.  I believe though they all enjoyed the story, they loved meeting the Animal Ambassadors more.  Following the tale, I brought B.C. out of his carrier to show them some of his unique characteristics.  Such as the fact he is missing one toe nail because of a fight he got into with a Macaw at the pet store before I adopted him (obviously the Macaw won!); that he uses his foot to eat a cracker, which I had him demonstrate with a wheat thin treat I had brought along; and that he is 29 years old, but this is yet young for him!    After this they were all given the chance to come and pet Chloe for a picture, as well as look at B.C. more closely while he safely sat in his carrier.  It was a great session and really enjoyed the chance to bring a new experience for these delightful kids.

Some of the students giving Chloe loving hugs (notice B.C. in the background watching with wonder!)

Kids eying B.C. up close while he is safely contained :-)

All the kids with Chloe & B.C.

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  1. The kiddos are still talking about it! We loved having you come out!